Active dopewars servers

dopewars incorporates limited multiplayer capabilities, with a server mode (the -s switch). The list below is maintained automatically, providing that you're running a server of version 1.5.1 or above. In some cases (usually if you're connecting via a proxy) the metaserver may report your domain name incorrectly, or refuse connection entirely; see the metaserver page for tips on fixing this problem. Additional problems can usually be solved by emailing the metaserver maintainer.

To prevent your server announcing itself to the outside world, add the line "MetaServer.Active=0" (without the quotes) to your dopewars configuration file (/etc/dopewars or ~/.dopewars) or run the server with the -S command line option rather than -s.

Please note that all servers are checked for service; those that are unreachable or refuse connection will be removed from this list.

If a given server is reporting its high scores to the metaserver, the server name will be hyperlinked (only versions 1.5.1 and above do this - older versions only work with the "old" metaserver). Follow the link to see the current high scores.

Server namePortVersion PlayersMax. PlayersLast update Up sinceComment
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