30th December 2005
dopewars-1.5.12 released. This really fixes the potential exploit against the Windows server, which was not correctly fixed in 1.5.11.

30th December 2005
dopewars-1.5.11 released. This is largely a security bugfix release, fixing a potential exploit against the Windows server when running as an NT serivce.

24th October 2004
dopewars-1.5.10 released. This is largely a bugfix release, fixing a server DOS and some minor bugs in the text-mode client.

7th June 2003
dopewars-1.5.9 released. This is largely a bugfix release, fixing a crash on pressing the "drop drugs" button, and adding minor improvements to the text-mode client.

21st October 2002
dopewars-1.5.8 released. The Windows and GTK+2.0 builds now have fairly complete Unicode support. A default set of sounds is now provided, and Windows XP is better supported.

25th June 2002
dopewars-1.5.7 released. There is now sound support (ESD and/or SDL on Unix systems, WinMM on Win32) although you have to provide your own WAVs (musicians take note - if you can provide suitable copyright-free sounds, then they can be included in future releases). Some minor bugs have been fixed, and overall security has been tightened up.

29th April 2002
dopewars-1.5.6 released. This corrects some problems with the GTK+2.0 client in non-UTF8 locales, fixes a server memory corruption bug, and adds extra sanity checks to the server to foil cheating clients.

13th April 2002
dopewars-1.5.5 released. The code should now compile with GTK+2.0, and several minor glitches have been fixed.

3rd March 2002
dopewars-1.5.4 released. This fixes bugs observed on the PPC platform, and adds a configuration file editor to the graphical client.

4th February 2002
dopewars-1.5.3 released. This fixes several bugs and annoyances in the Windows version, and supports running the Windows server as an "NT Service". The Unix server is now also more daemon-like.

16th October 2001
dopewars-1.5.2 released. This features a new networking subsystem, with HTTP/1.0 and SOCKS4&5 support, and now has a familiar install/uninstall program for Windows systems.

19th June 2001
dopewars-1.5.1 released. This fixes a few minor bugs, and supports the "new" metaserver on SourceForge.

13th May 2001
dopewars-1.5.0 released. This improves on 1.4.8 by adding a graphical client, and features many security and usability fixes.

29th April 2001
Second beta release of 1.5.0, fixing several bugs that were reported with the first beta.

9th April 2001
Beta release of the new dopewars version, 1.5.0, which features a graphical client, internationalisation, and rewrites of many parts of the code.

10th September 2000
The dopewars project, previously hosted solely at now has an additional home at SourceForge! This is to allow developers easier access to development codes (by CVS) and to take advantage of SourceForge's mailing lists and forums. Translators are particularly needed for translation of the development version of the dopewars code into other languages!

2nd August 2000
The German translation now has its home here. This site also mirrors the original English version of the program.

28th July 2000
A German translation of dopewars is now available.

9th July 2000
dopewars 1.4.8 released. This features a complete revamp of the metaserver interface - new servers now report game data, such as current number of players and high scores, to the metaserver. Several bugs, mainly in the Win32 networking code, have been fixed.

2nd July 2000
A mirror in the US is now available for dopewars downloads. Follow the US links (as opposed to the UK links) on the download page to download from this site.

14th January 2000
dopewars 1.4.7 released. This now uses autoconf to build on a variety of "odd" Unices, and also "out of the box" under Cygwin (Win32). Servers for which the IP is incorrectly resolved by the metaserver can now set a preferred hostname with the "MetaServer.LocalName" variable.

31st Decemeber 1999
The Polish version of dopewars has moved here.

12th November 1999
dopewars 1.4.6 released. This fixes a few minor bugs with 1.4.5, and is now also available on the popular Windows platform. A Win32 binary can be downloaded from the download page.

8th November 1999
A translation of the dopewars pages and dopewars client software into Polish is now available at

21st October 1999
dopewars 1.4.5 released. Client players can now be instructed to connect to the metaserver, to present a "nice" list of available servers for the user to select from; more configuration options; metaserver almost works with web proxies now.

11th October 1999
Snapshots of the latest in-development version of dopewars are now made available on a semi-regular basis at the main download page. HTML documentation is also now available.

16th September 1999
dopewars 1.4.4 released. This handles connection to the new metaserver automatically, so that the list of dopewars servers can be easily kept up to date. Other minor changes fix small bugs from earlier versions.

15th September 1999
Servers can now be registered by completing this form. The upcoming version 1.4.4 of dopewars will be able to handle the connection to the web and the completion of registration details automatically.

23rd June 1999
dopewars 1.4.3 released. This adds many new features (while hopefully not adding any new bugs) such as much better fight handling, and the ability to customise dopewars servers and clients.

16th May 1999
dopewars 1.4.2 released. This version fixes numerous minor bugs and makes many small improvements - most noticeable is the support for AI players in multiplayer games (dopewars -c).

28th April 1999
Interim release of dopewars 1.4.1b, which fixes a segfault problem with the server.

28th April 1999
Interim release of dopewars 1.4.1a, which corrects a few minor bugs in "antique" mode.

27th April 1999
dopewars 1.4.1 released. This fixes a bug with the loan shark, which was discovered by several people quick off the mark; dunno how that slipped past my team of beta testers here at Oxford - they're obviously too busy doing "real" work!

27th April 1999
First GPL release of dopewars (1.4.0)

For more details, read the dopewars CHANGELOG.

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